Who urges not to give in to provocative information about the coronavirus

In China, the number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded 37 thousand killed already more than eight people. While the world health organization are seriously concerned about the problem of misinformation. They point out that social networks are filled with fake videos, false reports and to understand the reliability of information to users is becoming increasingly difficult.

“Stay strong, Wuhan! Stay strong, China!” These words lit up last night on hundreds of buildings, bridges and other attractions throughout China. Lantern festival is held here every year and it usually becomes a reason to visit the fair and participate in contests. However, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, this time the people of China see the light show at home live.

Slogans of support on the facades in the first place, addressed to those who are struggling with the epidemic on the front lines. However, to help physicians and volunteers, ordinary citizens tend not only words.

for Example, farmers are now working overtime. Tons of vegetables and fruits are sent to the Hubei province, which suffered from the virus the most.

“They put their lives on the front lines. We are in the rear should give them more support and to contribute,” says Director of the Center for industrial development of Naval Orange in the County fentsze her Chongqing Xiao Gunson.

“During collecting, washing and transport, we conducted an audit of the security of our agricultural products, and its safety is guaranteed”, — says the Deputy Director of Commercial Bureau of Guilin Liu is a Prominent.

While in the midst of the epidemic throw all the forces to fight the virus, the world is gaining momentum hysteria, the cause of which is misinformation. On this issue drew the attention of the world health organization. Its representatives appealed to the leadership of social networks to filter out false information and promote proven data.

“While the virus spreads, desinformation only complicates the work in the health care system. It distracts the attention of decision makers. And causing confusion and fear among the public. It turns out that who needs to fight not only the virus but also with the various conspiracy theorists. They spread false information and undermine our efforts to combat the outbreak of diseases,” says who Director-General Dr tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus.

In Africa, where it has not yet reached the coronavirus, hastily organized a conference of experts to prepare for a possible spread of the virus on the continent. In Dakar brought together experts in healthcare to identify ways to prevent, treat and diagnose the virus. Representatives who provided special reagents for identification of cases of infection.

“In our country there is no virus, but we fear that our countrymen, who are accustomed to travel in China, may bring the infection with us. Therefore, at the national level at all airports measures are taken to detect all suspicious cases and isolate them until, until we get the final results to prevent the spread of the virus in our country”, — said the representative of the National Institute of biomedical research in the Congo Edith Novembe.

In Asia, which is now the center of attention, the situation is especially alarming: new — over 25 case of infection — confirmed in South Korea. According to recent data, 89 patients in Japan, 40 in Singapore, 32 in Thailand. All coronavirus recorded in more than twenty countries.