The world health organization during a pandemic of a novel coronavirus encourages all smokers to abandon this habit, as in the case COVID-19 symptoms occur more frequently in smokers and in more severe, said who representative rüdiger Krech.

“If you smoke you need to quit right now, because the symptoms COVID-19, if you catch the virus be much more serious and heavy”, – the TASS of his word.

In addition, who launched the initiative, which aims to help smokers worldwide to quit Smoking.

“the goal of the initiative is to help the 1.3 billion smokers to get rid of bad habits. Within it people will be able to receive the necessary assistance”, – said the head of the who Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus.

Specifies that the main element of the initiative is the digital doctor “Florence,” which can get anyone at any time. It provides advice on how to quit Smoking. In addition, the company Johnson & Johnson has provided 40 thousand nicotine patches to people in need.

“Smoking kills 8 million people annually, and scientific evidence suggests that smokers are far more vulnerable to coronavirus”, – said the head of the who.

In the first phase, the initiative will be launched in Jordan, and then spread to the whole world.

“the Smoking has no advantages. It destroys the lungs, heart and wallet, makes people more vulnerable to COVID-19 and reduces the chances of recovery. Smoking habit is a disease and should be treated”, – said the President of the International Union against cancer, the Princess of Jordan Dina al-Mired.

Earlier it was reported that a group of scientists from MIT spoke about the method of diagnosis of coronavirus by voice, because the speech and the voice of a person is largely dependent on the breathing apparatus, and if light experience any problems, it affects how the person speaks.