Who: two-thirds of the population can be infected with a novel coronavirus

in case of unfavorable development of the situation to be infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 can up to the two thirds of the population of the globe. Such forecast was sounded by the adviser to the world health organization the Ira Longini.

According to Longhini, who heads the center for statistics of infectious diseases at the University of Florida, the spread of the disease can slow down quarantine measures. But they took already after the virus is in various parts of China and outside the country.

a Model built of Landini, based on data showing that in normal conditions, every infected person infects two or three people. Even if we reduce this figure in half, a new type of coronavirus infected the third part of the inhabitants of the Earth.

on 31 December 2019, the Chinese authorities reported the outbreak of an unknown pneumonia in Wuhan, located in Hubei province. Scientists identified the causative agent, the coronavirus COVID-19. According to recent reports, only in China the victims of the disease become 1367 people, almost 6 thousand people have recovered, and the number of confirmed cases of infection is closer to 60 thousand, reminds RIA Novosti.