Americans are experiencing a very large coronaudbrud, which increases in intensity, said the WHO spokeswoman.

the UNITED states has the potential to be the epicentrum of coronavirusset. There has been a very large increase in the number of cases in the country, says a spokeswoman for the world health Organization at a press conference on Tuesday.

85 percent of the death toll, which is reported in the past day, coming from the UNITED states and Europe, adds talskvinden, Margaret Harris. Of them are the 40 percent of u.s. cases.

On the question of whether the UNITED states may be the new epicentrum for coronavirusset, she replies:

– We now see a very large acceleration in the case in the UNITED states. So it has potential to it.

– They have a very large eruption, and the eruption increases in intensity, adding talskvinden.

Harris saying at the same time, she expects that the total coronarelaterede death toll, which globally is on 14.510 according to the WHO’s figures will “increase significantly”.

the Johns Hopkins University, the web has an overview of the smittetilfælde and coronarelaterede death, has on Tuesday at noon registered 16.767 deaths worldwide.