Who teaches Russian language in the UK

But not only the book was listed in my itinerary: celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory has not been canceled. And to the credit of the British, when the Eastern Europeans fighting against monuments to the Soviet soldier-liberator in the twenty-first century here – not so. But more on that later.

London Professor Valentina Polukhina and publisher of the book “Brodsky just left” Tetyana Bodnaruk. Photo: Jadwiga uverova

For all the next posters of Rossotrudnichestvo in London on the site appeared a scythe stamped: cancelled. Not arrive in London Alexey Varlamov, Dmitry Bykov, Lev Danilkin… To last us the hope that the book colleagues of Yury Lepsky “Brodsky just left,” we still imagine, as we agreed.

We flew for a week ago, the degree of anxiety was completely different. Amazing thing happened in the half-crowded Heathrow. The border guard, by definition, always reclusive person who took the hands of a Russian passport with one question: “Have a return ticket?”, suddenly says “thank you”, slowly asked in Russian to say “red”. Here we took the soul with a short course of Russian language about red and the red (beautiful) square.

With Tetyana Bodnaruk, Director of the publishing house “Art of XXI century”, in which he published a book on magnetic meetings with a close circle of Nobel laureate, don’T shake hands (panepistimiako etiquette) Anton Chesnokov, representative of Rossotrudnichestvo in London. He suddenly found himself the owner of large identical boxes of books from our publishers to go to the market, which will not. Where including a book Lepsky “Brodsky just left”? All thirty boxes in a row to open? But except that one, which is at the top.

Sorry, out of forty departments of Slavic studies at the universities of England were seven or eight

a Miracle happened with the first opening. Came to the rescue by this time, Valentina Polukhina, London Professor , researcher Brodsky, “cowgirl poets”, one of the heroines of the book, says: “Joseph said, while there is Russian language of great poetry is inevitable.” And then the conversation moves to who and how teaches Russian language in Britain: sorry, out of forty departments of Slavic studies at the universities of the country remained seven or eight, lamenting Valentine Platonovna.

Photo: Sergei Nikolayev / WG Museum of Joseph Brodsky began working in test mode

But there is a 50 Sunday schools is a private initiative of our compatriots, continues Anton Chesnokov. One of the strongest trends – from the London school of math and programming based Anastasia stone, which is attended by about five hundred children from 4 to 17 years. 2200 students last year passed the final examination Russian as a foreign…

of Course, for Londongrad, where 250 thousand Russian – speaking, it’s those numbers. Part it people, lawyers, economists, who came from Russia, chose to dissolve in the melting pot of Nations, insisting on special root relationship. They, educated, intelligent, popular, is the Law, not a few hundred new Russian, about which there was a popular joke: “Honey, when I die, bury me at Harrods (the most expensive store. – Ed.). – But tell me, why? – You then at least you’ll come to my grave.”

As a gift against Brexit and coronavirus – meeting with people who are on a high cultural note support in London the reputation of Russian. Only 25 years is decide. The first Russian professional theatre “Chameleon” established in 2015 in London Possess Lemeshevskii from Riga. Without sponsors and facilities, but with a team of like-minded freelancers. The actor in London a hard life. Search and expectation of roles – half of my life spent on this. What can we say about an actor from the former Soviet Union, which, if they will offer a random a role in a movie, then certainly “bad Russian”. And – who teaches Russian language and speech culture, who earns his bread at a children’s party and guest leading…

Photo: EPA-EFE/STEPHANIE LECOCQ How coronavirus changed the lives of Londoners

the Map went well: in mid-March at the request of the audience in the theater Cockpit “Chameleon” gave three performances. Light, funny, ironic performance of “love in a box” by Chekhov directed by Dmitry Turchaninov. It began with the history of the theatre, with him they are going to come to Melikhovo spring in Russia. The repertoire includes nine performances, noted the award “the Star of Teatral”.

But that’s another story. About it later.

PS And theater “the Chameleon”, and the school Anastasia stone, screenings, festivals and live concerts with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Embassy of the Russian Federation. That will take a pandemic – and again the music will sound.