Who sought almost $ 700 million to combat coronavirus

Became famous for the amount that’s required the world health organization to assist countries in the fight against a new kind of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV.

the Director General of the who tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus told that the Agency launches a strategic plan for preparedness and response in order to support countries in the prevention, detection and diagnosis of transmission of the coronavirus. Agency requests 675 million dollars to Fund this plan over the next three months. 60 million of this amount will go to funding operations of the who. The remaining amount will be distributed among countries that are at special risk, reports “Interfax”.

Also, Ghebreyesus told that the Agency has already allocated $ 9 million from the reserve Fund for emergencies. The CEO of the organization called on the international community to invest in a new plan.

According to Gebreyesus, they understand the concern and emotion of people. The CEO who said that now is not the time for fear and a rational, evidence-based action and investment. Tedros also stressed that currently the organization does not have the capacity to take the outbreak of the coronavirus under control.

According to who, 80 percent of infections occur in the Chinese province of Hubei. In total, 99 per cent of cases recorded in China.

Cases of coronavirus found in dozens of other countries. Earlier it was reported that Russia has identified two people with coronavirus infection.