Who: Russia a step ahead of the epidemic

“great Russia responded one of the first, literally the first day, when it was reported from China about the outbreak of a strange infection that causes severe pneumonia, said Melita Vujnović. And it has allowed your country to be one step ahead of the epidemic. Now a range of measures is constantly expanding. And I must say, Russia is acting absolutely in the trend of the recommendations of who.”

Putin: the Situation with COVID-19 in Russia will definitely change for the better

According to Vujnović, considerable work on testing and contact tracing to identify infected the entire chain, – to date, one of the most important areas.

Second, no less important measure, reminded Vujnović, – “to extend the distance between people”. “We need to set aside all public events. Even to celebrate a birthday, now is not the time, said Vujnović. – Obviously, it is very frustrating to miss some things, something you always enjoyed. But just think: your self-isolation, adherence to the rules, in the context of the epidemic really save a lot of lives. And this is something you can be proud of.”