From may 30 with restrictions, will resume the activities of the mining Park “Ruskeala”. Its pearl – marble canyon, penetrated the surface and underwater tunnels, drifts and shafts. First, the Park will open for tourists who will visit the village “Ruskeala Express”. Daily Ruskeala will be able to take more than 300 people, between groups will determine the distance of 50 meters.

– We will put additional shields, the recommendations of the CPS, and the rules for guests will be written in three languages – Russian, English and Finnish, – said the head of Park Alexander Artemyev.

Bored of the guests and old Saint-Petersburg, as the most beautiful village of Russia (and especially love her foreigners). Branched road, the edges of which are already rampant greenery and in full cherry blossoms and leads to the traditional Karelian houses. The whole village – both hands and like a toy.

the First written mention of Kinerma refers to 1563. In General, it would not have happened if not for Nadezhda Kalmykova and her sister Olga Gokkoev. They breathed life into the dying town, gave him a chance in the future.

Today, Kinerma is a complex monument of history. In a village just 16 traditional Karelian houses, six of which are monuments of architecture. It saved the interior: traditional Russian stove with bench, farm table with benches at small Windows, posudnik, present box. But in the presence of and modern household amenities, are accustomed to people coming from different parts of the world: shower, washing machine, boiler.

Warmed in the sun and stone labyrinths on the Islands of the Body in the White sea. They are, in the opinion of many experts and tourists, recognized as the most mysterious places of Russia. Here are eight ancient settlements, two of the maze and a few cult complexes. All the Islands were discovered about 800 different additions of stone. Look from the height of the Russian Body far and don’t see any borders and shapes, just as the sea meets the sky. Their song is monotone humming stones, and it is unclear what laws of nature they grow large white daisies.

– unfortunately, at present there are restrictions for people coming from Moscow, the Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, the Leningrad and Murmansk regions. These are regions where a large number of cases of coronavirus, says the acting head of the Department of tourism of Karelia Ivan Ciproxin. – Waiting restrictions. Once this happens, you will be able to make happy the residents of all regions of Russia.

Today, tourist facilities work with restrictions. Travelers inhabit in cottages or guest house with separate entrance. They are not valid for buffet Breakfast to bring home or organize meals on open porches. In the first weeks should all be wearing masks and gloves. Personal protective equipment will provide at the entrance to a tourist attraction. There is also a cafe will open, but will sell takeaway food. But the removal of restrictions on the movement, hopefully, is not far off.

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