Who is to blame for panic Ukrainians in front of the coronavirus?

“In Ukraine, panic and a flash of hate towards people that are potential carriers of the coronavirus that occur only in “most Patriotic” areas, where the Maidan and many disasters in the country,” — said the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Mykhailo Dobkin on air of the program “60 minutes.”

He said that we are talking about the Lviv region, where the doctors picketed the health institution, that they have not brought to the quarantine arrived by special flight from China people. Also in the Ternopil region and served a prayer to the God took from them their fellow citizens. New Sanzhary, Poltava region, built barricades and threw stones at buses. Now to this list join Bukovyna and Chernivtsi.

Dobkin noticed that in Kharkiv there were no protests, no blocking of roads, when there were twice landed the plane from China. “People reacted to the events with understanding. It’s a matter of mentality. It all depends on what people have in their heads,” he added. Currently, according to Ukrainian politics, in Kharkov and in Kiev all is quiet and taking all necessary measures to confront the coronavirus.

Also, the ex-MP noted that the outbreak in some areas riots — a consequence of the enormous distrust of government by citizens of Ukraine and, above all, distrust of the Ministry of health.

Dobkin recalled that recently it was headed by Ulyana Suprun, which is in the Square called “Doctor Death”. She has no professional education, as well as its successor — the current head of the Ministry of health Zoriana Skalecki, a lawyer by training.

“People see that the government is unable to provide them security, and trying to solve problems on their own. This is wrong and does not lead to anything good, especially since the panic – not the best companion in such actions”, — said the former member of Parliament.

meanwhile, Dobkin has assured that the head of Minskava in Ukraine will change soon – it will be Ilya Yemets. “I think we will have major changes. Yemets specialist and respected man, was the Minister of health of Ukraine pre-Maidan times”, — concluded the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada.

Ukrainian doctors confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the country. Infected found in Chernivtsi region. As the Minister of health Victor Lyashko, just under suspicion were four men, but only one was found COVID-19.

At the moment the total number of infected by the coronavirus in the world has exceeded 90 thousand people. Victims COVID-19 were about 3 thousand people.