the spruced-up lady makes the GC-professionals of coach Thorsten Fink puzzles, since the German had to leave the Campus in Niederhasli, ZH, is daily in the Training of FC Wil. The mysterious woman falls. She has long, jet-black hair. In the Winter she wears high-heeled leather boots that cover your knees. In the summer of Stilettos and mini-skirts.

In time, as the Ex-Bayern Star Thorsten Fink last season, GC trained in any public Training on-site. You can Park your car in Niederhasli, each behind a hedge. Fans are on-site, avoiding the contact, followed by the practice unit for offside at a Corner-flag.

Only in the case of GC, now at Wil

One Evening, GC trained early in the Morning, it is discovered the mysterious lady of striker Marco Djuricin on the Campus in the garden of the boarding school head. It is of one of the employees politely but firmly asked to leave the Campus.

“here Is because of me?” Fink VIEW asks. He’ll get the definitive answer only after the 4. March at GC released is been. After all, The lady with the High Heels no longer appears as of this day in Niederhasli. She’s since been a regular at the training sessions of FC Wil. Wil-Trainer Ciri Sforza noticed the Mysterious also: “she is here every day.”

she Is keen on former Bayern hero?

LOOK at the end of July the test. Afternoon training in the IGP Arena. And actually, the wife is a da – only Fan site, as Sforza and the players up the stairs from the dressing rooms to the artificial grass rise high. She is wearing Minijupe, Stilettos, sunglasses. The lady may be keen on former Bayern hero? Fink and Sforza won in 2001 with FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

VIEW the lady this specific question. She just laughs. The next set of questions, she acknowledged with a Laugh. And from the dust. The Training she followed in the shadow of the grandstand roof.