In the world, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus exceeded 17.9 million (17 918 582 people), an increase during the day, more than 257 thousand. Such data on Monday issued to the world health organization (who).

the Number of deaths rose by 5.8 thousand and amounted to 687 thousand, writes TASS. A day earlier were identified 262,9 infections, 5.8 thousand patients died. It should be noted that the who statistics considers only officially confirmed information about cases of infection and death from countries around the world.

ranked according to the number of cases is the region of North and South America – 9 630 598. In the European region was 3 391 779 cases of coronavirus. The third position is South-East Asia – 2 187 015 sick. Among countries in the number of cases COVID-19 lead US (4 582 276), Brazil (2 707 877) and India (1 803 695).