trained Radiant and never posed Michelle Hunziker (42) in Milan (I) for the Italian satirical programme “Striscia la notizia”. On the side of Michelle, the sleeveless dress is your Mega-guns presented: The Italian TV-show host and actor Gerry Scotti (62), with his colleague for the cameras up close.

A Team

So he puts lovingly his hands around Hunziker’s waist and with the Swiss beauty faxes for the photographers. Whether Michelle’s husband Tomaso Trussardi (36) is jealous? Hardly! Hunziker and Scotti are finally full of professionals and a well-rehearsed Team: Together, they were already several times in the TV Show. The two met in 1995 for the first Time in the framework of the programme “Moda Mare Portofino”, are long-standing colleagues.

the audience of “Striscia la notizia” is the double-pack. “The most beautiful Couple in the world”, commented a User an image of the two moderators in Instagram. “Hunziker’s Laugh makes me happy, it’s contagious,” says a Fan. “Wonderful. Two very funny and very modest moderators!” (kad)