Who experts called the speed of propagation of the coronavirus

In the capital of China to urgently carry out redevelopment in offices and factories – at the request of doctors the distance between the employees shall be not less than one meter.

1.1 trillion dollars can make the losses of world economy from the coronavirus according to the analytical centre Oxford Economics

Quarantine offices appear in all new cities of Russia. To Tyumen joined in Vladivostok, Kazan and other cities.

Photo: Reuters Catalonia confirmed the first case of infection with coronavirus

Russian fishermen in the far East are prepared to tangible losses – they can’t take wild-caught Alaska Pollock and herring on the Chinese fish processing plants that have stopped because of the coronavirus. Domestic capacity is also not ready to accept the excess. The only option is to sell the catch to Korea. As a result, the price of fish has gone down – ton Pollock without a head now goes for 1.4 thousand dollars. In the past year, prices reached the level of 1,7 thousand dollars per ton, Interfax reports.

Russian retailers are prepared to supply disruptions due to coronavirus-related restrictions. While we are talking about fruits and vegetables that have stopped coming to the domestic market of China.

“the Impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Australian economy will be more significant than forest fires,” commented the prospects of the country Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. We will remind, autumn of large-scale fires in Australia have destroyed thousands of homes and reduced the growth of annual GDP by 0.2-0.3 percent.

Coronavirus proved to be a force that is dramatically changing the process of globalization in the world

The closer to China the countries also take precautions. In South Korea identifiedRowan almost one thousand cases of infection with coronavirus and ten deaths from it. In this country the center of the spread of the disease was the city of Daegu (accounting for about 80 percent of the detections of the virus), and local airlines began to cancel flights in this direction. Across the country, the Corporation transferred its employees to work remotely.

Photo: AP Photo/Susan Walsh Washington and Seoul can reduce the scale of military exercises for coronavirus

Another epicentre of the spread of coronavirus was Italy. On the Apennine Peninsula confirmed infected 231 people. Died of disease seven, six of them in the province of Lombardy in the North of the country. February 25, identified the first case of coronavirus and Sicily.

UEFA is preparing to suspend the football tournaments for coronavirus-related hazards. About half of the tours in the countries affected by the disease, will be void, say in the tourism industry.

“the Coronavirus was a force that radically changes the process of globalization in the world – said Tuesday the Minister of economy and Finance of France Bruno Le Mayor (quoted by “Interfax”). – This is a turning point for globalization. We cannot continue to rely on China to supply 80 to 85% of the active ingredients for the production of medicines”.