Between Jesus comparisons and the accusation that Manchester United had “offered him nothing” for the coming season, Paul Pogba also tells in his documentary how the break with José Mourinho came about.

Explosive snapshot by photographer: In his Amazon documentary “The Pogmentary”, Paul Pogba explains for the first time the reason for the broken relationship with the then ManUnited coach José Mourinho. It all started in 2017 with an injury that saw Pogba fly to Miami with his wife for rehabilitation. A photo taken there by a journalist initiated the break with Mourinho.

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“Are you serious?”: “José sent the picture to Mino Raiola (Pogba’s agent, ed.). I didn’t like it at all,” explains the 29-year-old. Pogba then said to Mourinho: “Are you serious? I’m injured. I train here three times a day. Who do you think I am? It was new to me that I had a problem with my coach.”

Several incidents: Mourinho, who brought Pogba back to Manchester, wasn’t the only manager the Frenchman didn’t get along with during his two spells at United. He also upset Sir Alex Ferguson when he left the Red Devils for Juventus in 2012. Pogba is likely to move back to Juventus after failed contract talks.