Who death toll from the coronavirus in the world is approaching 140 thousand

MOSCOW, April 17 – RIA Novosti. The number of victims of coronavirus infection in the world is approaching 140 thousand per day revealed 82 967 new cases, from the data of the world health organization (who).

According to recent reports, the world recorded 2 074 529 cases of infection, died of 139 378 people. The day the world was 8 493 new deaths.

the Greatest number of infections occur in Europe 1 050 871. Of these, 182 816 of the person infected in Spain, 168 941 in Italy and 130 830 in Germany. A world leader among countries in the number of infected remains the US, where sick 632 781 people.

the world health organization on 11 March announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic.

Current data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.