Who compensate cancelled due to coronavirus tours

to Stop the sale of tours in three countries the tour operators recommended by the Federal Agency for tourism because of the threat of infection by coronavirus. The decision was announced on 27 February. At the same time those who already bought a ticket, unable to take it. Money back fully.

“From this day refundable in full without deduction of actually incurred expenses,” explains “RG – Week” the Vice-President of the Russian Union of travel industry Yuri Barzykin.

Photo: AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon In Japan made the possibility of moving the Olympics for coronavirus

Tourists have to apply to the Agency where he purchased the tour, and within 10 days he must answer, says the expert.

in Addition to money back there are other options. You can pick up another safe direction on the same dates. Most tourists do just that, he said, because the vacation dates are often agreed in advance and move them difficult.

you Can reschedule on a later date. Then the tourist will exercise my right to tour when the situation is normalized. These rules apply in all cases where the Federal tourism Agency recommends that you stop the sale of tours. That is, if such a measure will be introduced in the future in relation to any country, tour operators will also have to return the money or find alternative options at the request of the tourist.

But for independent travelers, for those who book separate services – hotels, air tickets, the case. As noted by the head of the Federal tourism Agency of sarin doguzova, “they also have the right to contact the contractor for a refund in accordance with the law on protection of consumer rights”.

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the reason for the termination of the contract in this case is a significant change of terms, says “RG – Week” the Chairman of consumers Union of Russia Peter Shelishch. “It’s just not oblige the other party, in this case the carrier or hotel to fulfill the requirements”, – said the expert. So, if the agreement fails, it is possible to go to court. There will determine how serious the threat was and whether the hotel or airline to return the money.

While airlines return money for the sold in the same Italy the tickets are not in a hurry. As explained on the telephone “hot line” to one of them, the flights to Italy are not limited to, all flights are departing on schedule, which means, “now the forced return of tickets is not provided”. This means that the purchased ticket can be returned, but only on the fare rules, that is, with the deduction of the agreed amount.

to Get a refund for tickets for cancelled flights to Iran and South Korea can. Iran air limited from 28 February, cancelled most flights. From March 1, restrictions imposed on air transportation with South Korea.

to Return the money paid for hotels for individual tourists will also have their own. This would be difficult, experts say. The decision on refund will be taken by the representatives of the hotel, affect the situation can only be their desire to maintain their reputation.

the CPS had recommended to reduce overseas travel

Well, health insurance is valid in full. Despite the fact that the sale of tours suspended, the entry to Italy, South Korea and Iran open. So, if during the trip someone infected with coronavirus, it will be considered as an ordinary fearthe new case, said in an interview with “RG – Week” Executive Director of the insurance company ERV Julia Aleeva. “Insurance company arranges payment for the treatment and purchase of return tickets, if you have missed a flight,” she explains. But this applies only to medical cases. If the traveler is not ill and was not on the medical examination, but was forced to spend a holiday in a hotel that was closed for quarantine, such a case will not be insured. Lost vacation days, no one compensates. However, some experts recommend that travelers look for special insurance products for such cases.

But if some country will declare a state of emergency, epidemic or pandemic, such a situation insurers recognize force majeure. In this case, the insurance will not apply, as the insurance company will not be able to organize the treatment and return of tourists. Russians will be evacuated from the country.

While CPS has recommended that the Russians to minimize trips abroad to protect against coronavirus.