Who commented on the possibility of lifting restrictions due COVID 19

MOSCOW, 21 APR – RIA Novosti. Any withdrawal restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the coronavirus, should be gradual, if they are removed too early, it may happen a new outbreak, reports Reuters with reference to the regional Director of the world health organization (who) for Western Pacific Takeshi Kasai.

According to Kasai, who on Tuesday spoke at the online press conference of the government considering the removal of restrictions should approach this very cautiously, gradually, and continue to monitor the epidemiological situation. He noted that the coronavirus is spreading, none of the countries are not immune from outbreaks.

Kasai said that the measures taken to combat the pandemic proved its effectiveness. He noted that people should be ready for a new lifestyle, to allow the community to function in the new regime, while the coronavirus is under control.

according to the Agency, the who representative also said that at this stage it is impossible to establish the exact source of the coronavirus. He noted, however, that existing evidence points to its animal origin.

Kasai during the press conference also warned that the epidemic COVID-19 must not disrupt vaccine programs from other dangerous diseases as polio, measles or rubella. Otherwise, it could lead to a new crisis.

the world health organization on 11 March announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, there have been recorded more than 2.3 million cases of infection, over 157 thousand people died.

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