Who called the period of the emergence of vaccines against coronavirus

The world health organization (who) believe that a vaccine for the coronavirus will be available at least 12 months. About it reports TASS.

The official representative of the who, Margaret Harris explained that it is required to prove not only the effectiveness of the vaccine, and its safety for people.

Scientists will need to make sure that the side effects of the vaccine does not manifest itself in patients over time.

As reported by “the Rambler”, by 14 April the Chinese authorities have approved dobrile clinical trials of three vaccines against coronavirus.

The first permission for clinical trials received the product based on adenovirus vector. Last week, scientists began to recruit volunteers for the second phase of the tests. China said that the world’s first vaccine against the coronavirus that have reached this phase.

Russian center “Vector” is planning to conduct the first phase I clinical trials of its vaccine on 60 volunteers, among whom are the developers of the drug.