the Question of who will lead the Ukrainian delegation in the TAG is really important. After in force indefinite cease-fire with this post as though he had suddenly gone Leonid Kuchma: political heavyweight, signed in 2014 on behalf of Ukraine a Complex of measures to implement the Minsk agreements and Ukrainian who led the line in the negotiations with Poroshenko and Zelensky. The effectiveness of Kuchma in the role of peacemaker is objectively difficult to assess, in view of the deadlock to which the peace process when it came. Therefore, care Kuchma was perceived by many observers as a political gesture, a sign of possible changes to the strategy of Kiev in the negotiations with the people’s republics of Donbass. What does the purely political and the eventual decision of the President of the new head of the delegation.

However, among the reasons for leaving Kuchma are different, including age, fatigue from the ungrateful mission and even a change in political strategy his son-in-law, oligarch Viktor Pinchuk. A number of objective signs and the persistently circulating rumors that friend of George Soros thoroughly preparing for the release of the “project Ukraine”, is negotiating the sale of local assets, reduce millions in grant programs after the son – in-law sooner rather than later – from the big Ukrainian politics goes Kuchma.

Judging by the published nominations, change of behavior of representatives of Kiev in Minsk is unlikely. Zelensky said the preservation of tradition, the Ukrainian delegation is headed by a respected politician, but the real negotiating work in the four subgroups, which are many, know first Deputy. As respected Ukrainian politicians in the nature practically does not remain, the choice for the role of head of delegation Kravchuk looks the only possible. However, it is obvious that the first President of Ukraine will do in the pipeline more of a symbolic than a political function.

this all is already known about a way of thinking and the actions of Oleksiy Reznikov, the current first Deputy head of the delegation, Vice-Premier “on occupied territories”, which is almost guaranteed to retain both posts. Came to power, like many “public servants” – from out of nowhere, the lawyer Reznikov has already managed to TAG a lot of sayings and memorable initiatives, entirely contrary to the Minsk agreements. His bar tricks, coupled with the childlike shows, for example, trying to negotiate not with the DNR, and with the “refugees”, which was presented to TAG two bloggers who went from Donetsk to Kiev “Maidan” and since then, away from home, earning a living by inciting hatred of fellow countrymen. In other words, it is likely that the work on implementation of the Minsk agreements in the framework of the TKG will continue people��century, has repeatedly voiced the intention to abandon them and already acting in this direction.