the Presence of antibodies to coronavirus does not guarantee that people will not be infected again, said the representative of the world health organization (who) in Russia, Melita Vujnović. She was called to await the results of research.

“Absolutely does not mean, even if the virus mutates. We don’t know how the antibodies that develop after contact with the virus, will protect in the future from infection,” said Vujnović in an interview with TASS.

the who Representative said that Russia has conducted many studies on the coronavirus. “It is very important to gain knowledge about the virus and understand what’s going on”, she said.

the world health organization has warned about the lack of evidence that people who recover from COVID-19, protected from re-infection. However, several laboratories will soon begin to carry out tests for antibodies. For the treatment of patients began to use plasma recovered from COVID-19, in particular, in Moscow. According to the Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova, people was on the mend faster.