Before the beginning of the eighties to be a Superstar in the music world, had Whitney Houston (1963-2012) a relationship with her best friend. With the woman who was also in the following years, always as a close Confidant to the side of the Diva. In her memoirs, “A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston,” revealed Robyn Crawford (56) now, for the first Time the whole truth about their close relationship.

According to one of the “People” released the pre-pressure had met the then 16-year-old Whitney, and the 19-year-old Robyn in 1980, in a summer camp in New Jersey and have been inseparable: “We wanted to be after that, only together. As a Couple,” writes Crawford. “We had a deep friendship which was to start with physically,” she explains in an Interview with “NBC News”. “In the summer, when we met, we kissed for the first Time. It just happened. It was wonderful. A little later we spent the night together.”

Two years later, Houston ended the sexual part of the relationship, when she wrote her first recording contract with Arista under. “She gave me a Bible and then I confessed that we were no longer a couple. She said it would make our journey much more difficult, because it is the people against us can use,” says Crawford.

Whitney Houston’s mother found it “unnatural,”

she accepted the decision of the singer. The two, however, remained so closely associated that there were always rumors about an affair between the women. Houston got, therefore, from their own family pressure, especially from her strictly religious mother, Cissy: “you said that it is unnatural to be that two women are so close to each other.”

Seven years after Whitney’s death, Crawford – she lives with a wife and two adopted children – now decided that she wants to bring the truth to the Public. “I’m at a point where I have to use me for our friendship and the woman behind the incredible Talent of truthfully wants to describe,” explains Crawford. (ds)