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Crimean Authorities are looking for the doctors

On the background of the tourist season in Crimea is increasing the incidence of coronavirus. In the country there is an acute shortage of nurses and doctors to work with patients COVID-19 dial the announcement posted on the website of the Ministry of health of the Crimea, writes “Kommersant”.


Since August 8 in the country has registered 32 new cases of infection, the previous day was 27 cases. In June, these figures were two to three times less. While the Republican operational headquarters decided to open another “cavigny” hospital, but his full-time job in question because of the acute shortage of personnel. Meanwhile, the average utilization of hotels and pensions is 80% of the number of objects — 95%, writes the edition.

In Russia, established the rules of emergency assistance to tourists

The Russian government is preparing amendments to the law “About bases of tourist activity”, which prescribes rules of aid to Russians in distress in a foreign country, including because of the bankruptcy of the travel company or the closing of borders. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Association of lawyers of Russia Vladimir Gruzdev, to protect Russian tourists will create a special Fund, which will help them in case of emergency back home.

Large families will help to pay off your mortgage

The Russian government approved the allocation from the reserve Fund additional subsidies of almost 12 billion rubles for repayment of the debt on mortgages for large families. About it reports “Russian newspaper”.

The amount of the payment is 450 thousand rubles and is available to families where the third child and subsequent children born after January 1, 2019. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the Cabinet allocated funds will support at least 26 thousand families.

Immunologist warned of a more severe course of COVID-19 fall

In the autumn Russians can face more severe course of coronavirus. About it in interview to the newspaper “Izvestia”, said the academician, chief immunologist of St. Petersburg, Director of the Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur Areg totolyan.

According to Tatyana, currently it is difficult to give a scientifically based answer, as will be combined with seasonal infections COVID-19. He reminded that this year is expected circulation of influenza strains, which informed the Russians did not catch on.

“it is Not clear how to transfer the infection to those who observed the strict regime of isolation, can not they sit at home all my life. I’m afraid fall, we can face more severe COVID-19 than in the spring, and have to be psychologically ready,” – said immunologist.

In the United States fear the rapid creation of the Russian “Hunter”

Russia, unlike the United States, willing to take risks and to quickly complete the creation of the shock stealth drone With a 70 “Hunter”. Comparison of Russian and American programs for the creation of the UAV did the American edition of Forbes.

According to the newspaper, adopting in Russia accelerated stealth drone With a 70 “Hunter” is scheduled for 2024, and not 2025 as previously planned. It is expected that UAVs will be able to take on Board 6 thousand tons of bomb load, and its range is almost 5 thousand kilometers.

The work on the creation of unmanned vehicles for the U.S. army slowed down and, “despite the earlier start, the United States can at the finish to keep up with Russia,” the article reads.