U.S. dominance predicted the end


Pandemic coronavirus ended the world order established after the Second world war and US leadership in the international arena. This opinion was expressed by the authors of the article for the French newspaper Le Monde.

On the hand, Kim Jong UN appeared a mysterious trail

RIA Novosti

On the hand of North Korean leader Kim Jong UN discovered a mysterious footprint during his public appearance after a 20-day absence. About it reports The Mirror.

South Korea fired from North Korea


The post South Korea in the demilitarized zone was shelled by the DPRK. On that Sunday said the Agency Yonhap, citing the South Korean joint chiefs of staff.

Ukraine has accused Russia of the tragedy in Odessa on

RIA Novosti

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine claims that Russia allegedly does not want to establish an objective picture of the tragedy on 2 may 2014 in Odessa.

Disclosed details of the tragedy with children in Moscow


In a Moscow apartment, which dropped two of the child during the incident, were their mother and grandmother, according to "channel".