Cristiano Ronaldo has the eyebrows to do however raise question in the Portugal on the Thursday to go and work out at the Estadio da Madeira, the home of local club C. D. Nacional. The Portuguese superstar had the children, and some of the coaches, and hit another tells me to have a chat with the president of the local resembled.

“Cristiano Ronaldo, you can be sure to exercise, as long as they are just like everyone else to abide by the rules. We do not make any exceptions,” – commented to Pedro Ramos, the director of public health for the Portuguese islands. “One of the best soccer player in the world, to set an example, but it seems to me that it Came just a couple of minutes of workout features. That’s why I don’t have a problem.”

He comes from Madeira. On the site, which is where he was trained for, it is a quite a beginning to him and named after him. He also has a statue in it, and it came last week in the news, and his generous donations in the fight against feline corona virus. The pandemic is already close to that of the ‘CR7’ has been in three of his team mates when They were found positive, thus the Right itself, ” fourteen days in quarantine at the time.

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