The journalist said that a politician is quite a serious person and would not participate in the “show” staged. If the disease invented to reason with the Russians, Posner supports this decision.

According to the presenter, the news about the contamination of the Prime Minister can scare and make you think of those citizens who are irresponsible observance of quarantine measures.

Posner also expressed his outrage over gathered to celebrate may holidays Russians. He believes that this neglect of safety rules is criminal and can greatly enhance the spread of the virus. The journalist reminded that China, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea have coped with the spread of coronavirus due to the observance of strict quarantine measures.

— apparently is true to the proverb: while the thunder will not clap, the peasant will not cross. And the thunder is when you yourself or someone of your loved ones will get sick and go to the light, — said the presenter in his column for the daily mail.

Thursday, April 30, Mikhail Mishustin reported to have contracted the coronavirus. He said that he intends to follow a policy of self-isolation the government will work in normal mode. Later acting head of the Cabinet of Ministers was appointed Andrei Belousov.