let me Remind you, at the end of last year Moscow has become a world leader by volume careregular fleet – number of rental machines in the Russian capital exceeded 30 thousand. Motorists have even begun to complain that they have nowhere to Park your car, because the lion’s share of places occupied by cars of car sharing. And now thousands of branded cars are on the sites – many companies have moved them there, not to occupy streets.

“But some machines still remain in the city as to accommodate the entire fleet in one place is just physically no place, – told “RG” the head of the press service of “Dailymobile” Alena Balakireva. – In addition, about 500 of 11 thousand of our machines are now working in the delivery sector, carrying food and other goods from retailers to consumers. This allows you to pay staff salaries and to cover the cost of the lease payments, but in General, of course, we are waiting for permission again to start work.”

According to Balakirev, the cars that began to work on the delivery, changed the taping and took them to Park for free. And sat behind the wheel yesterday driving mechanics, which due to the freezing of car-share has remained virtually without work. “We even had to hire more than 100 employees, as drivers in the state was initially a little”, – said the head of the press service.

On a similar path and went to some other carsharing company – part of the fleet they are also targeted for delivery to at least partially compensate for a simple and to give work to staff. But there are other examples. Co-founder BelkaCar Ekaterina Makarova told “RG” that all the company’s efforts are now focused on updating the mobile app, which car-sharing is an important part of the service.

“Our app will be released from quarantine others, she said. – One of the few advantages for the isolation of car – sharing we were able to deal with global improvements in the infrastructure and IT-strapping service, almost not looking at current operations and has made significant progress much faster than it would under normal system loads”.

as for the market development of the service as a whole, much depends on the position of the state, said Makarov. If it subsidizes lease payments for the downtime, the company will continue to develop as before the crisis. “If it will be partial grants or deferred payment, probably a fairly serious compression of the market on the horizon is 1-2 years. While we are optimistic,” she says.

the press service of the largest operator of car sharing “Yandex.Drive” said that their machines continue to serve even during the quarantine, since the equipment requires maintenance. “As soon as the ban on car sharing will be cleared, users will again be able ISP��to save service cars will be fully ready to rent” – say in the company and added that in terms of quarantine focused on the minimization of losses.