coronavirus Pandemic has hit the industry. Now that the restrictions have weakened, representatives of the Executive authorities, legislators and experts are puzzled as to re-start tourism, but still make it one of the drivers of the economy. On Friday, these issues were discussed at the meeting of the Presidium of the Council of legislators, with the results shared with reporters the senators.

“In Russia was created by the health tourism at a high enough level. It is very important, and we invite the Committee to develop measures for restoration and development of sanatorium-resort complexes of Russia and state support of Russian resorts”, – said the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Inna Svyatenko.

we also Need to create a legal base for the conductors, tour guides, instructors, she said. And this should speed up the amendments to the law on fundamentals of tourist activity. It was adopted in 1996 and is now outdated, she explained. “It is also important to expedite the completion of the draft plan of implementation of the Strategy of tourism development in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2035, taking account of measures to restore tourist activity,” – said Svyatenko.

Another issue is the establishment of legal guarantees for tourists traveling abroad and in their country. This is to be achieved by running the system “E-ticket”, which will allow you to track the movement of funds from tourists via tour operators to specific service providers, carriers, hoteliers, tour Desk. Now the bill is under consideration in the state Duma, but raises a lot of questions from the travel industry.

According to the head of the Federal tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova, the consideration of the bill should be postponed for the autumn in order to elaborate the document.

For the development of domestic tourism needs with the support of the state to create infrastructure for tourists on the ground – to build hotels, roads, recreational facilities, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan. Then the tour operators will start to attract tourists to the events in the regions.

About a hundred of new tourist routes in unexplored places of Russia offers to launch the Council of legislators of the Federation Council. This is the response of senators on changing because of the pandemic nature of tourism. The senators come from the fact that, according to polls, 45 percent of the vacationers want to travel around the country, 35 percent deny yourself the vacation, and up to 50 percent will be left to relax in their regions. So I guess they need a new conceptual leisure to relax in the neighborhood, which causes the shift from outbound to domestic tourism. Why the need for a law on domestic tourism, which Gara��was tirbal the safety of tourists, reservations of hotels and has built the logistics of the vacation.

the Contours of the law are being finalized, and logistics will be based on digital platforms Russpass, which successfully works in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It includes a website and mobile app with various services. Russpass helps to select all – region, tourism and the route to the hotel and all the way down to personal preference – catering holidays with Pets, treatment or country.

Pilot projects for new routes gift places steel Murmansk oblast, Bashkortostan, Pskov, and Kursk. Each of them has their own “trick”. Arctic tourism (fishing, downhill skiing and Northern lights) offers the Murmansk. Ancient history, gastronomy, pilgrimage tours, Pushkin – “trump card” of Pskov. “Home” tourism and military history – Kursk, medical tourism and mountain skiing – Bashkortostan. All together, the intention of the senators they will make a new direction is social tourism. He, as noted by the Governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis, but there will be a time when “tourist lucky money and do not litter, and we will meet him so that he will want to come back, then tourism will become an industry sector of the economy”. As it builds Kursk, Pskov, Murmansk and Ufa.