Recommendations for the opening and reception of visitors Rospotrebnadzor experts yet gave only to stationary institutions but for patios in the capital of the individual instructions yet, told to “the Russian newspaper” the President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia Igor Bukharov. To clarify the details of their work outdoors in the coming days, in addition to health Ministry, needs the regional authorities.

One of the main conditions – a good Seating guests at tables, which will be able to comply with the social distance of half a meter. Employees of cafes and restaurants will greet visitors in masks, be interested in their health. It also offers to handle hand disinfectants.

to Serve the waiters will be wearing masks. Whether you will have guests during stay in the verandah to be masked – this issue needs to be clarified into rospotrebnazdore, said Bukharov. According to him, such details should be made clear – or restaurateurs to avoid heavy fines (up to 500 thousand rubles).

Those institutions that have no summer patio, will open in the second place – June 23. Most of the recommendations they are willing to abide by, are already actively preparing for the opening, said Bukharov. For example, you want to have a five-day supply of masks, gloves and detergent. In addition, there is a recommendation of the centralized collection of used masks in sealed bags. According to Bukharov, these rules will require adjustment so as not to affect the work safety.

besides, the funds that institutions are now investing to comply with all recommendations in the near future pay back will not be easy. According to Bukharov, has no understanding of whether people are ready to return to the old way of life and again begin to actively walk to cafes, restaurants.

“People miss the views, smells, emotions that you can get outside the house and they give restaurants. I think that guests will return to the places loved and frequented before the pandemic,” says the restaurateur, co-owner of food hall Maxim Popov. The main task – to come to the opening with full responsibility, to make guests feel safe. Separate screens, protective screens are not required for this. The fact that restaurants today with powerful ventilation and filtration – in fact they are “responsible” for disinfection of indoor air.


the Need to keep your distance inspired entrepreneurs to launch new concepts for cafés and restaurants. So began to appear the tables for two in closed flasks. Orders to guests pass through a dedicated window, without personal contact with the waiters, told associate Professor of the Institute of business and Affairs��th administration (IBS-Moscow), Ranepa Alexey Svishchev. In new York, where a popular concept of recreation in parks and on lawns, the city hall lawns marked out the circles within which one or more persons can safely rest.

In some European cities, large areas are farmed out to businesses. For example, in Vilnius all of the Central square can use entrepreneurs to open street porches of cafes and restaurants. In Milan, the municipality has decided to close part of the public transport routes. The streets and squares where these routes are also given to outdoor cafes, restaurants, pedestrian zones.