Whether parents pay for the forced quarantine of students

8-day isolation

“And we have to translate the remote control. We will do all the tasks that I write in an electronic diary, to practice. And there already and the holidays,” reported my friend and the mother of a pupil of the fifth class of the gymnasium.

In Serbia introduced a state of emergency because of the coronavirus

And, indeed, the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation was sent to all regions of the country the recommendations of the CPS when necessary, temporarily move into distance learning in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and to protect the health of children.

I Read on local sites, as the Minister of education of the Novosibirsk region Sergey Fedorchuk says: not yet officially announced the quarantine, we are not talking about closing schools, the parents themselves must make the decision to send a child to school or to translate it to distance learning.

Among my friends who have children already at home, or online learning. Heard that a matter of habit (and now myself, after working a week out of the house, you know what it is).

“I’m leaving for work, the daughter waves a hand and says: “I to school” and sits down at the computer,” says the friend. But they live in Moscow, the girl goes in for sports professionally, and, therefore, self-organized and responsible. And distance learning have long been established.

“For us the decision was taken by the school administration. We are sitting at home. Better so be it. I’m sure it is important and correct”, “This is the right decision, as it will decrease the number of contacts and the risk of infection dressing”, “We don’t go to the garden, but reduced activity groups, sections, at least go to the store” – write friend in our chat.

Putin has established a working group of the state Council for combating coronavirus

But there are those who will continue to drive children to kindergarten and school until the official quarantine. “There’s still the last week before the end of the quarter, checklists, and grading” – should be justification.

But there are other questions: “I, for example, maternity leave can sit with your childm, and how to be working parents, they laid the sick? Probably needs to be compensation for one of the parents”.

And yet, as noted by mother of 13 year old guy, with kids easier, and teenagers not at home to keep. Go to the street, in cafes, bars, cinemas.

I planned the second week of isolation, and unlike their Moscow colleagues I am still without a hospital. They promised they must deliver couriers. What about us?

Late in the evening the Agency “Interfax” reported that two residents of the Kemerovo region who have discovered coronavirus, has returned from Italy. And there is a caveat, which something inside skipped a beat. “The plane had arrived from Italy at Sheremetyevo airport on 7 March, then to Novosibirsk, then they went to their transport”, – quotes “Interfax” the words of the Deputy head of management of Rospotrebnadzora across the Kemerovo region Nadezhdy Cudicini.

Tourists in Spain rioted against the measures for coronavirus

But we flew in from Barcelona on 7 March in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, and then to Novosibirsk. But if on the same plane? Quarantine ceases to be languid.

I called the “hotline” of the Kemerovo region phone: 8-800-201-2522. They tell me that flight number and time was flying people, not known to them. But wondering why I’m so concerned. And for the first time in a week I ask my husband last name, address. They say that we must come to see the state and to take the analysis. And the clinic did not have to go is whether or not the symptoms. I totally agree with that. But why this answer I still have not received by phone “112” in Novosibirsk?

the People promised to pass on our conversation Novosibirsk CPS.