Comedian Kathy Griffin has once again shared the controversial image of herself holding a replica of President Donald Trump’s severed head as Americans await the final results of the neck-and-neck election.

Griffin had already issued an apology for tweeting the disturbing image in 2017, but walked it back a few months later, saying she was “no longer sorry.” She appears to have had a complete change of heart by the early hours of Wednesday morning, actually re-posting it to her page without comment. In the photo, she is seen blankly staring at the camera while holding a bloodied head made to look like Trump.


Three years ago, the image caused an overwhelming backlash, with both Trump supporters and even some of his critics saying it crossed a line, which led to Griffin being fired by CNN.

This time, however, there appears to be less outrage. Some who responded to Griffin’s post said they changed their minds and were no longer offended by the image. “I was disgusted and outraged the first time round. This time, not so much,” one Joe Biden voter tweeted. Others said she should “never” have apologized the first time.

I’ll be honest. I was disgusted and outraged the first time round. This time, not so much. You go girl.

You should have never deleted this or apologized for it.

You were correct the first time, and you correct again now. This is definitely nowhere as foul as what he has done to this country. He’s going to have to answer for the blood he’s spilled. Never stop being you Kathy, and Happy Birthday legend!

Trump supporters, on the other hand, still accused Griffin of stepping out of bounds with the gruesome likeness, saying it stands in stark contrast to the “love and tolerance” message of her Democratic Party.

The party of tolerance lmao. Losers.

the party of love and tolerance, this will not aged well.

Others tried to take the issue up with Twitter, saying the image violates the website’s “rules on violence.” While the pleas to ban it seem to have fallen on deaf ears, quote tweets of Griffin’s post curiously appear to have been hidden by Twitter.

Oh and the display of a severed head of the President of the United States doesn’t violate twitter rules on violence. Give me a break. @TwitterSafety

@Twitter do you have policies? do you?

@TwitterSafety@TwitterSupport@Twitter a picture of the president beheaded you going to allow this.

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