Front, back or in the middle? The probability of dying in a plane crash, is just 0,000012 percent. And in fact, every seat on the plane is safe or unsafe, depending on your perspective.Since airplanes crash so rarely, there are no representative statistics that could prove, which part of the machine most likely to damage. The American author David Nolan, however, has evaluated a series of air crashes and on the basis of the results of the in his eyes the first seat to be found. He believes that the chances of Survival in case of a disaster, to forty percent higher if one takes in the rear part of the airplane. The Jets would finally Bouncing backwards with your rear, so Nolan.

not proven Scientifically

The greatest damage would be incurred during a crash at the bow, so in the front part of the aircraft. Many people believe that a place in the vicinity of the Emergency exit was not the safest place, since that is where the escape route is to the outside so far. Others claim that the best seats are in the front of the bow where the Crew sits – finally, the flight attendants would stay there, where the chances of Survival in a crash are greatest.The fact is so: Where is the best place in a plane, it is difficult to determine. Almost every crash is different. Whether front, rear or in the middle: Scientifically speaking, there is no evidence that a place of safe – or unsafe – is than another.

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