Age of sea bedtimestory the ongoing pandemic, 84% of Germans surveyed by the German research company Infratest Dimap, has decided on plans for summer vacation. It is not surprising that every second decided this year not to go on vacation and stay home. One third of respondents decided to travel to the borders of Germany, every fifth will go to one of the European countries. Read more about this in the article “Kommersant”.Crown strijker March 23 in the UK continues quarantine due to the spread of the coronavirus. Immediately after the isolation of citizens there have closed Barber shops and beauty salons. As residents of many other countries take care of themselves the British are now on their own — according to forecasts, hairdressers open until early July. Who helps the respondents to do haircuts — in the material “Kommersant”.The national dish of oftencompared a new study by YouGov among more than 1 million people in the US, burgers are like 73% of Americans. Don’t like this kind of sandwich or indifferent to it, only 17% of respondents, while every tenth has declared that does not eat burgers with a meat Patty. The most popular for Americans, an extra ingredient is cheese. They put in the Burger 74% of respondents. What other fillers are added, the Americans — in the material “Kommersant”. Bake bienzymatic during isolation was fascinated by baking. 57% of respondents stated that they began to do it more often than before quarantine. In the top popular food — pancake, homemade cookies, chocolate cakes and cupcakes. To such conclusion the research company OnePoll in a survey of 2 thousand people in the UK. According to respondents, for preparation of the dough they began to leave more time: 67 minutes a week instead of 41 minutes to quarantine. Read more about this in the article “Kommersant”. Andrew Egupets, Lion Kislyak, Artem Kosenok, Olga Shkurenko