Moscow house of nationalities launches series of free online lectures “Ethnographic heritage of small cities of Russia in the culture and architecture of Moscow”. They will be held from 27 may to 4 June in the format of live broadcasts. Lectures on the historians and guides will tell you that connects Moscow with other cities of our country, how they influenced the history of the city and contribution to its development.

In the near future you planned six meetings. For information on further lectures can be followed on the website of the Moscow house of nationalities.

the Length of each lecture live is about two hours. In one session can take up to 100 people. This requires pre-registration. Lecture schedule and links to registration can be found on the website of the Moscow house of nationalities.

First online meeting entitled “There were preparing the liberation of Moscow” on may 27, at 11:00. It will be devoted to Yaroslavl. Attendees will learn what role this city played in the liberation of Moscow from invaders in the time of Troubles and why he is in 1612, a few months became the temporary capital of the state.

in addition, the lecturer will tell you how the citizens — businessman Petr Smirnov, merchants Karzinkina and Igumnova — conquered capital. Participants will also be interesting to know why the Yaroslavl enjoys great popularity among filmmakers and what Soviet films, except “Big change” was shot in this town.

the next day, may 28, at 11:00 everyone is invited to a lecture by “First capital region Pereslavl-Zalesskiy”. the meeting Participants will tell you that this city, like Moscow, was founded by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. In addition, the lecturer will explain how to Pleshcheyevo Peter created his fleet and amusing than Pereslavl-Zalessky attracted such famous cultural figures as singer Fyodor Chaliapin, artist Konstantin Korovin, and the writer Mikhail Prishvin.

Online lecture “From Pozharsky to Tsiolkovsky” dedicated to Kaluga, will be held may 29. Beginning at 12:00. The lecturer will talk about that in Troubled times the town was in the middle of a war zone, and his defense of the poles was headed by Prince Dmitry Pozharsky. Also at the meeting, you will learn how the city has changed the arrival of Catherine the great, which the suburban estate of Kaluga merchants decorated in the antique manner, and why the most famous resident of Kaluga is called the founder of Russian Astronautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

the First year online the lecture will take place on June 2 at 11:00. At the meeting “the princes of Moscow Vladimir on the throne” participants will be acquainted with the history of the founding of the city of Vladimir and talk about the Dormition Cathedral, which was the waytsom for the creation of the assumption Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin. In addition, during the lecture you will understand how and why Moscow rulers received the title of princes of Vladimir and where to look for in Vladimir and Moscow, the work of the icon painter Andrei Rublev.

About the role that small towns of Vladimir and Moscow regions played in the history and culture of the capital, will speak at the lecture “the Famous small town — Alexandria, Noginsk, Nikolo-Berlyukovsky desert”. It is scheduled for June 3 (11:00). Participants will explain why in the XVI century the city of Alexandria, which is located in Vladimir oblast, Ivan the terrible made the capital of the oprichnina. Also during the lecture will introduce the history of Bogorodsk (1930 Noginsk), which in the beginning of the XIX century became the center of textile industry, Moscow province, and talk about how the city has opened its production of well-known philanthropists and businessmen Morozov.

Also, the participants of the meeting will show the Nicolo-Berlyukovsky deserts, where the homonymous monastery. Viewers will learn what the Moscow architect built the most remarkable building of the monastery complex — 88-metre-high bell tower.

the Sixth lecture will take place on 4 June. It will be possible to learn about the history of another oprichnina of the city of Vyazma. It was born out of close Ivan the terrible, Boris Godunov, who after the death of the monarch became the ruler of Russia. In addition, during the lecture, participants will hear the legend about the appearance of the beautiful Odigitrievsky Church in the Vyazma and know where in Moscow is very similar to her temple. Lecture by “the Oprichnina of Ivan the terrible town, or On the way from Moscow to Europe” will begin at 12:00.

Despite the fact that all municipal offices are closed in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, the cultural life of Moscow continues, but online. Their programs for those who remain at home, prepared the libraries, museums, galleries, parks and many other cultural sites of Moscow.