On the coast of the city 34 the official beach. Sevastopol authorities have urged tourists to use “equipped and safe places to stay”, to avoid wild beaches where there are lifeguards and the risk of injury.

Card is “live”, changes depending on the situation on the beach, – told the Director of Department of municipal economy Evgenie throat.

the Swimming season this year started with a considerable delay – on June 15, but still didn’t open up all the beaches. According to Gorlova, three this season will be closed due to dirty water: “City” and “Marble” in Balaklava and “Ushakova Balka”.

Officials drove around checking all the beaches and gave operators 101 requirement. Mostly the comments have caused a sanitary condition. Visitors are encouraged to complain about violations on every beach placed contacts.

13 wild beaches of Sevastopol are recognized as life-threatening because of the threat of landslides. There will be warning signs.

according to the city government, the territory from the Chersonesos lighthouse to Cape Fiolent recently examined by a Commission of representatives of the General state budgetary institution “Environmental center” and the Marine hydrophysical Institute.

the Greatest threat today is a block of limestone weighing about 20 tons, detached from the slope in the beach area of Cape Lermontov (holiday array Fiolent). The rain has partially washed away the soil and if rainfall could collapse on the beach. There is also the threat of collapse in the area of SNT “Saturn”. Hills to the sea, carved on the slopes pose a danger to campers. The beaches in this part of the coast can be prone to landslides and rockfalls.