Fans excited showman – flamboyant entertainer posted on instagram provocative pictures.

He relaxes in the pool on the roof of the building, picked up in the hands of a certain brunette in dark glasses.

The Gonen accompanied philosophical signature.

“don’t forget to show loved ones tenderness, because tenderness is as diligent a gust of reducing the physical distance of people the prospect to feel the passion!”

Followers interested in the fate of the elderly couple Solntseva. Brunette they are not impressed, but the question “Where is Catherine?” were heard in different variations in each of the first comments.

“Shameless!!! Where’s Katherine!?!”, “I recognize only Katka!”, “Gauguin where my Katyusha”?

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Gauguin Solntsev purchased a cemetery plot for his elderly wife Catherine Tereshkovich. He told about it to the edition “the Interlocutor”. the

Publish from Gauguin Solntsev (@solntcev) 7 Aug 2020 6:32 PDT