tea is not only in Europe, a popular drink that can be enjoyed both hot as well as cold. Worldwide, he is the second most common drink of the people to the water. Thus, it is not surprising that every year about 3 million tons of tea are produced.

Who invented tea?

The mother country of tea is China. Here are 2’737 years to be created before Christ, is the first tea. According to legend, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung is, “the son of heaven,” the discoverer of the secret of the tea. One evening he was cooking under a tree in the water, as the Wind blew in a wild tea leaf into his glass. The water changed color, took on a pleasant fragrance, and revived the good spirits of the ruler. From now on, the drink was tea in the “middle Kingdom”.

Since when is there tea in Europe?

in 1610, was the first Teelieferung from Asia to Europe. The Europeans also recognized the beneficial effects. Tea was not only acceptable, but also an important trade commodity. For many years the Dutch were the only teeimport your in Europe, until the English established the “East India Company”, and almost 200 years of a monopoly for Teeimporte had held.

How tea is made?

The traditional tea production, which is still used today for high-quality teas, is carried out in five stages. In the first stage, the leaves must wither and become soft. Then they are rolled, the tea leaves continue their typical aroma substances. When Sifting the tea leaves of different quality levels, according to their position on the topic.

The fermentation of the leaves are exposed to high levels of humidity, is carried out prior to drying, the tea storage is made. In modern production plants tea is made nowadays by machine in the CTC method, the shot and rolls out to Break, to Tear,.

What kinds of tea are there?

the classic of teas derived from the Tea plant “Camellia sinensis”, is, next to the Green, the Black and the White tea and the Oolong. They differ mainly in the degree of Oxidation, which is produced during the fermentation of the leaves. Green tea is no Oxidation taking place, the Olong is fermented only half. In addition, there are the two less common kinds of tea, Yellow tea and Pu-Erh tea.

The 9 best places for Afternoon Tea in Switzerland

Scones with Clotted Cream, Sandwiches and tea which makes a good Afternoon Tea. Where you can enjoy in Switzerland the English Tradition.

How healthy tea really is?

The cold is getting to us: thermos flasks and tea cups are already up everywhere in the course. But what tea to warm up beside, and taste good?

Thus, the tea bag can be re-used for boils

tea and the bag in the trash thrown? The not you should do from now on, because tea bags have hidden re-use opportunities.