When to pay the debt — no: the identified new fraud scheme with credits

Scammers have invented a new scheme of deception with the credits. About it “the Russian newspaper” said the Director of the Department on combating unfair practices of the Central Bank Valery Lyakh.

the Lender gives the man the money, and then disappears for a long time. The interest rate under the agreement increases, debt increases quickly, and the debtor is simply no one to repay the loan. Then the lender suddenly announced in court and requires the debtor to repay the entire amount with interest.

According to the Telegraph, despite the ban on the collection of debts in favor of the black creditors through the courts, decisions can still be made in their favor. He also reminded of the fact that scammers often operate under the guise of micro-Finance companies. Some create double the legal organization.

meanwhile, as previously reported, more than a third of potential borrowers do not distinguish the fraud from the lender.