General rules of subsidizing of subjects of the Russian Federation extended to the allocation of funds from the reserve Fund of the Government of Russia on prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and consequences of natural disasters.

The corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Ministers from 22 April 2020 № 559 “About modification of Rules of formation, granting and distribution of subsidies from the Federal budget to budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation, the suspension of paragraphs 16 — 20.1 these Rules and the annulment of certain provisions of certain acts of the Government of the Russian Federation” comes into force today, may 2.

Specified subsidy rules of Russian regions from the reserve Fund of the Cabinet.

In addition, until January 1, 2022 suspended operation of the rules of calculation of the amount of funds that must be returned to the Federal budget if the failure of the region’s obligations under the financing.

The resolution applies to legal relations arising from 1 January 2020.