” It is a privilege to me, I do very little programming. “Guest of C to you for nearly an hour on France 5 last November 19, François Hollande boasts its rarity in the media. A restraint that contrasts with the president verbose experienced by the press during the previous quinquennium.

however, This is not the first appearance of the former president in the media in November. On November 11, on RTL, he talks about his grandfathers in the Great War, on the occasion of the centenary of 14-18. On 15 November, it is to BFM TV that he spoke, referring in particular to ” anger in the country “, two days before the first manifestation of the yellow Vests. And from C to you, it has once again granted the “privilege” of his presence, the morning of France Inter, in the great interview of Léa Salamé and Nicolas Demorand this Monday, November 26. All in all, François Hollande has held the antenna to the tvs and radio stations for nearly an hour and a half for the single month of November, not counting possible repeats of its interventions.

“Principle of fairness of speaking time”

With its interventions, the former president is encroaching on the speaking time of the socialist Party (PS) ? Even outside the election period, the CSA keeps in effect a countdown of the speaking time of the policies. The new rule instituted in 2018 offers a third of the airtime to the executive, the remaining two thirds being shared, “according to the principle of fairness” between the different political formations, notably in the light of their results in the elections.

of The word time, so there is little for the PS. “As it is 6 %, that weighs heavily, yes “, says the first secretary of the socialist Party, Olivier Faure. And the CSA is formal : “former presidents are credited with the title of the political formations to which they belong “. Each time that François Hollande speaks, it is the PS that is losing airtime. At the risk of interfering with the attempt of re-conquest that leads the party. “Why does he do that ? Because it is used to suppress any emergence of whatever is next to him ! Nothing pushes behind him and that it is the only alternative later, ” decrypts a very close to the first secretary.

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