anyone Who buys a new car, don’t want to rely only on his own opinion. So 83 percent of the respondents in one of AutoScout24 is currently commissioned survey that they would gather in front of the car, a foreign purchase, an opinion. But who are the most important Einflüsterer, when it comes to select a new vehicle? At 57 percent, listen to the opinion of another, it is the own Partner. In women, the Partner is questioned even in 66 percent of all cases. But also in the case of men, the opinion of the partner is to the new vehicle, with 48 percent in the very front.

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this will be followed – also the same for both sexes – the Newspapers, magazines and trade media with their Test – and experience report. Only place the responses of the sexes soft to the question: “Whose opinion is of you in front of the car purchase is important?” from each other. While men, on friends, the mechanic or car dealer, trust women, the father first and then to the mechanic or dealer.