coronavirus Pandemic has forced the Europeans to abandon a beach holiday this summer. If before, using the principle of freedom of movement of citizens, people can go on vacation in a neighboring or any other country of the EU, now it seems impossible. Come to help the Greek authorities – they promise to open the country to the guests by the first of July.

“We are still formulating medical protocols, but it is likely that we will have to test passengers before flight – just in case. We hope that the EU will take the initiative to reach pan-European agreement. Of course, there are countries that want to move in this direction. And the first among them Greece. But we can’t wait!” – quoted the Greek Minister of tourism haritha Theoharis Euronews.

Not far behind Athens and Croatia whose Minister of internal Affairs Davor Bozinovic offered to introduce a special certificate that would testify “about the absence or reduction of risk”. On the proposal of the Croatian side experts are already at work.

However, to revive tourism in the EU in a hurry not all. For example, a green MEP from France Karima Delli believes that the resumption of visits would be “folly in the short term”. She advised EU citizens to travel within the region where they live.