Three stage wins and the success in the team time trial: The Dutch Team Jumbo Visma, a clean sweep in the Tour de France powerful, no other Team rejoiced yet more. But: Where there is success, suspicions are not far. At the same time the ears are pointed. As a Jumbo-Visma-Boss Richard Plugge explained recently in “De Telegraaf”, his driver would take Ketones to himself, there was immediately an uproar. He said: “it is possible To use Ketones such as vitamins. The substance is not prohibited and we know that other Teams will take it.”

in fact, Ketones are used since 2012 in professional Cycling. Originally produced by the liver, is the product of long-chemically. We have to do it with a new miracle cure to? A study in Belgium, came to the conclusion that endurance athletes may increase, thanks to the Ketones your performance by 15 percent.

“Would recommend it to anyone,”

“I use it also,” says the Swiss triathlete Jan van Berkel (33). He qualified immediately: “ketone body can not be traded as the next miracle cure, but you are.” They are simply energy – like carbohydrates or fats. At the same time, Van Berkel warns: “Because of its chemical properties, it can not take very much of it.”

The fear of burn in Ketones the Finger, is large. Groupama-FDJ, the Team of the Tour rider Stefan Küng (25) and Sébastien Reichenbach (30), deliberately. For Joëlle Flück this is the right step. The nutrition specialist, who also works for Swiss Cycling, says: “The data, what Ketones have the effect in the long term, is extremely sparse. I would recommend them to anyone.”

What are the effects of the Powders (2012, dose cost 1000 francs), in fact, is so uncertain. “In a not-so-intense stage, you could save, at most, carbohydrates, in an intense the memory faster re-fill it”, says Flück. “That’s the theory.”

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