Italy, the Land of sun and warmth! Actually? Not always. Peter and merciless organizers tormented earlier, the heroes of the country road at regular intervals. So the driver often had to snow, ice, cold and a bitch to overcome.

Thus, on 6. June 1965 on the Passo Stelvio, with incredible scenes of the play. Because of the snow, piles up, grab the audience, to blades, to make the drivers the way (see picture above). It succeeds more bad than good. Twelve years earlier, the highest Pass in Italy (2757 meters) is used for the first time – also because the white masses are overwhelming. And the Zurich, Hugo Koblet, 1st place in the overall ranking, lying down, met his Waterloo. “He was arduous and fell back rapidly”, then writes the NZZ. Koblet loses his courage and a lot of the time, the Italian Fausto Coppi gets the 5. Giro-Victory Record.

The day the strong men cried

But it’s still brutal. On 5. June 1988: the Gavia Pass (2652 m), becomes, for the driver in a white hell. First of all, the Dutchman Johan van der Velde of tears at the foot of the mountain. He gets loose, bubbly, Occurs around. However, the ascent to the Gavia Pass is no longer drifting in the snow to the nightmare, Van der Velde is above than a pile of misery. Nurse LOB him, completely soaked and chilled to the bone from the wheel. Van der Velde reached the goal, almost 47 minutes after the winner Erik Bruykink (Ho).

The great profiteer, but Andrew Hampsten (USA), the shoes, thanks to the spontaneously-bought, thick hand as one of the few in the descent to Bormio is still feeling in the fingers is essential, to be able to brake. Later, he wrote a report on the day, under the title “The Day The Strong Men Cried” (The day the strong men cried).