At the U23 edition of tour of Lombardy, it happens. The young driver Edo Maas (19) from the Development Team Sunweb collides in a departure with a car. “A car came from the right and crossed the road. I don’t know how that was possible. It was a terrible accident, at around 70 km/h”, describes the sequence of events, the Frenchman Edouard Bonnefoix, which chased together with the Meuse in a group behind the accident.

the Maas and the others at the back and in the face so hard that he immediately entered the hospital. There he is operated on several times. “Successfully”, as his Team writes in a Statement. Meanwhile, the 19-year-old Dutchman is again responsive. His back injuries are so serious that it can probably never run again. A heavy blow for the young driver and his family.

Major concern

Many of his professional colleagues, says he’s shocked over the tragedy. Under the Hashtag #TogetherForEdo you try to attribute Edo courage. So Sprint Star Mark Cavendish, for example, writes: “I am speechless. I am in my thoughts in Edo, his family and all of Team Sunweb.” Also, the Belgian Edward Theuns wishes Maas and his family only the Best. He can well understand what it means to have a serious back injury. “When I broke me a couple of years back, it was my biggest nightmare…,” the 28-Year-old.

On Instagram Maas is’ girlfriend Misha Bredewold with amazing, heartfelt words to your loved one. “I loved you then and I still love you. You’re the one who deserves it the least, but we continue to fight.” Bredewold is also a cyclist and know what your friend is going through. A year ago they suffered a similar fate. At that time, the 19-Year-old was hit during a training ride by a big truck and had survived only with much luck.

UCI duty

The culprit for the disaster is quickly identified: The international Cycling Federation UCI. The UCI really has the health of the Maas, on the Conscience?

The car, which was involved in the collision, would have never allowed the way to the race track to find. Normally the street is blocked off for a professional Cycling race and it is only by the organizers of registered vehicles in the race must be on the road. In this case, it was but a uninvolved car, to get to the cordoned-off racetrack.

The sloppy Track security, provides for red heads. “It was not the only car found its way to the track,” says Jake Stewart, who rode for the Groupama-FDJ Continental Team in the race. He therefore appeals directly to the UCI: “stop finally, to you to take care of nonsensical rules, and devote yourselves instead to the safety of the racers!” This appeal also Maas’ Team closes. “Once again we call on the UCI to invest all of your time and resources to ensure the Teams and their drivers in a race to the highest possible level of security.”

the words seem to be found in the UCI appeal. The Cycling Federation has announced, after the tragic incidents of the last few months, the security guidelines. On the next season measures should be taken to improve the safety of the driver.