Michael Woods no longer can. His whole body hurts. Never ever he will win this mountain stage. Only 450 meters to the biggest success of his career. Then his athletic Director yells into the radio: “do it! Do it for your family, Mike. Do it for your family!”

Woods responded, tapping the last reserves of energy, to attack and win solo. To the BBC he said: “I was in a world of pain. I had never before experienced. I couldn’t think about it once more. But I wanted to honor my deceased son.”

On the Arm, and in heart always

Ten months have passed since that day, as the Woods, the 17. Stage of the Vuelta up to Balcon de Bizkaia won. Will forget him never. Too much depends on it.

a Few weeks prior to his victory, his wife Elly lost the child in the 37. Week of pregnancy. “We were thrilled, it was finally our first Baby. However, in the last control you have not told us that Hunter lived.”

Hunter, so the child should be hot. The name Woods is wearing as a Tattoo on the right Arm – and in his heart, while he tortures himself on the Tour.

Breathing is extremely difficult

He crashes in the 11. Stage device so unhappy to be radio – this is clamped under the Jersey, that two of his Ribs break. “First of all, the Breathing gives me trouble,” he says. But giving up is out of the question. Woods wants to be a Team Education First Leader Rigoberto Uran (9. in the overall standings) will not let you down.

Ultimately, be of present physical pain, Suffering is nothing compared to his mental. The tragic loss of his son in September of 2018, accompanied him on every mile of this Tour de France. “It was the worst Moment of my life. Never before had I lost someone who was so close to me.”

“Hunter has brought me over the finish line,”

Even more than he did his wife suffered. “It was incredibly hard to see how they tried to cope,” says Woods. “With the Trauma. And with the Phase after the pregnancy, as you indicated, the hormones that you should actually give birth to a Baby but not a Baby any more.”

Why Hunter died exactly in the Woods do not want to talk. Maybe he doesn’t know it. The fate of the otherwise so cheerful canadian’s to hit so hard enough. He knows only: “my victory at the Vuelta, it was Hunter who brought me across the finish line.”

And then he tells of the Moment shortly after that victory, when he called his wife Elly. “You said that you loved me and I told her that I love her. And then we just cried.”

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