WhatsApp will still make a backup of your correspondence safe

the Developers of WhatsApp has set to increase the security of user data. In the latest beta version (2.20.66) application the function of Protect Backup, which allows you to password protect the backup stored at “Google Drive”.

the Ability to store archives of these chats and files in the cloud Google was added to the end of 2018. This ensures that users can very easily switch to another smartphone in case of loss or breakage, and even completely reset the drive your device without having to worry about transferring messages, media files and other data. If necessary, all information will be restored automatically. Moreover, written to “Disk” backup WhatsApp not counted in the storage quota.

the company warned that a backup is not protected by a technology end-to-end encryption. This means that the message store is stored unencrypted, and in the event of theft of your Google account password, attackers can gain access to all correspondence and documents in WhatsApp.

the New feature will further protect the backup with a password. The main thing not to forget — otherwise, restore a backup will be impossible. As noted WABetaInfo, a new option can be enabled at will.

Yet Protect Backup is at an early stage of development. When and will see if it is generally in a stable version of WhatsApp is unclear.

Weak protection of messenger owned by Facebook, has repeatedly criticized the head of Telegram Pavel Durov. In his opinion, the developers of WhatsApp are intentionally inserted into the program backdoors, loopholes, allows interested parties to access user data.

Earlier, Durov claimed that only one encryption of communications between users is not enough because the files stored in iCloud (on iPhone) or “Google Drive” (on Android) is not encrypted. In this regard, he recalled that Apple recently had to abandon plans to protect through encryption of data in iCloud due to protests from the FBI.

Text: To.Hi-tech