Also in the social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter hints, to warn the user, either in front of the wrong messages in the network or help to find trusted information about Covid-19 pandemic have been appearing for days. The Messenger service WhatsApp has now set up a Info page that holds at least a couple of valuable tips – although some advice may seem self-evident.

On the info page WhatsApp on ways on how you can inform via Messenger to the Corona-crisis. It is advisable to set, with “local, national, and global organizations” in connection to. As examples, the world health organization (WHO) and the Ministry of health will be called.

WHO to know about WhatsApp for Coronavirus

The world health organization WHO wants to use the chat service WhatsApp, in order to allow access to information on the novel Coronavirus. In the Messenger it is supposed to, among other things, current news, symptoms, precautions and protective measures, as well as situation reports, such as the WHO and the WhatsApp-mother Facebook said. The Service of the WHO is reached via this Link.

WhatsApp users to Fake News to contain

As in the past, with other themes, WhatsApp puts chains on its users in addition to the heart, (-) to check for messages on your accuracy, before you believe in this, and with other contacts assigned. Recently circulating on WhatsApp numerous Fake News and lies in the connection with the Corona-crisis, which had spread rapidly.

“Think about messages that you receive – not all the news about the Coronavirus must be true. Check the facts by using other trusted official sources, or fact-checker”, – stated in the service. If you are not sure whether a message received is true, not to pass them on.

Since social contacts “Face to Face” should be avoided, we recommend WhatsApp users also the features such as groups, voice and video call as a replacement.

WhatsApp for Business – Fit for the home office (display)

for This CHIP Guide shows you how to get WhatsApp in a home office for professional purposes and data protection and Privacy, however, not to stay on track.


WhatsApp wants to help Doctors, patients, teachers and students

Just medical professionals is currently a Central role in society – but also the teachers/educators and non-profit organizations. WhatsApp wants to help you do this: On the info page, options are listed, such as patients and students better informed can be, or how non-profit organisations to carry out their duties even from home to better organize.

Even local businesses to offer the opportunity to stay in touch with customers to share current business hours or delivery times to be able to communicate more effectively.

All the latest developments on the Corona-crisis you read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online. More to the Coronavirus

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