Multimedia, WhatsApp, throws up a number of new weapons in the fight against nepnieuws about the corona virus. Thus, it is now possible to create a virtual from the world health organization (WHO) should be consulted. That is virtual, it offers bite-sized information such as a list of the most common myths surrounding Covid-19. Also like WhatsApp, you can text, personal messages, search on Google. Users should be able to check if the message is from a trusted source. There is currently a test post.

To help with WHO to chat with, you have to click through your smart phone this link. If you are beginning the conversation with ‘Hi’, you will get a drop down menu opens. Please respond with a number of your choice in order to access the information on the screen. For example, the last digit, questions, travel, view, typical, myths to watch and donate. The info seems to be for the time being only available in English.