In the NHL ground to a halt currently, the contract renewals with young Superstars such as Mikko Rantanen (Colorado), Patrik Laine, Kyle Connor (both of Winnipeg), Brayden Point (Tampa Bay), Matthew Tkachuk (Calgary), Brock Boeser (Vancouver) or Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Anywhere is a game of poker. Everywhere is maintained, what the competition is doing. Everything is blocked. And Marner is a particular focus of attention because he plays in the hockey hotbed of Toronto. The $ 10 million per year, the Canadians to collect one day, if you can agree to.

Marner would (vorest) in the case of the Lions

train to canadian media reports differ about the fact that I turned the Management of Marners to the ZSC Lions.

on the Superstar soon, as his current teammate Auston Matthews, for the ZSC Lions? This is, at least for the time being – not planned. ZSC sports chief Sven Leuenberger says that the Europe-I ask the representatives of Marners Agency, whether the 22-could be a Year join at most in Zurich, if he had signed at the start of the NHL Camps in September, still no new contract. Concrete this is but not been discussed yet.

Marner would be a huge attraction

two years Ago, had kept up with Andreas Athanasiou is already a NHL forward in the contract dispute in Switzerland, and Lugano is trained. It would not be back before the Deadline of 1. December to reach an agreement with the Detroit Red Wings come, he would have played in Switzerland.

the nimble and skilful Marner is a huge attraction for the National League would be out of the question. Last season he booked 94 Skorerpunkte in 82 NHL Games. Accordingly, it would not be surprising if the Maple Leafs can reach an agreement with him. But still, both sides have time. Last year, the Poker, the Leafs took forward William Nylander at all until the Deadline on 1. December, before the Swede signed a 6-year contract for 45 million dollars.