“I love Cristiano Ronaldo, love Neymar, love Mbappé, these guys are legends,” wrote LeBron James on Instagram to a fan question, for which a footballer, he the swarms. “But first of all: all the players of Liverpool!”, he would like to have emphasized.

this might not be Surprising after the fantastic season, the Liverpool to the Corona-break played. The Star of the LA Lakers, the homage of the Reds but has other reasons. He is biased in this question!

in 2011, received the NBA Star is a business co-operation of his marketing company LRMR with Fenway Sports partner, a share of two per cent of the Premier League club. According to “ESPN” was James this nearly 6.5 million US dollars cost.

Since then, he skim strong, because the value of the LFC to rise by the two Champions-League-Final-indents the last years strongly.

Klopp-oriented James

In return, the Reds look, but also to Los Angeles. Because LeBron is also used as a model for the Fitness-tactics of Jurgen Klopp. This is based on the Basketball legend, when it comes to on the court over the full duration of the game, with full Power play.

James, despite his age, one of the NBA Stars with the most playing time. Why? Because he makes more breaks, his power of clever uses.

Klopp, the in Liverpool in the previous season also. Less full-throttle Pressing to conserve the condition. This constant change of position. So he can always have the Best play – even if the football of this is less spectacular than last season. This will be LeBron again no matter. The success of Klopp’s finally right – and the Basketball Star delivers a lot of, a lot of coal. (mpe)